Sunday 28 November 2010

BO Rabbit in ' Knitting' Magazine!

Hello friends....
I have some news to share with you....
My little Nordic bunny
is sitting rather shyly on p.13 (issue 84) of
I have to say a big
Thank You!
to Kat from the magazine who contacted me a few weeks ago requesting if
Bo could be part of their '6 of the Best' Christmas Knits article. 
 I have received a wonderful response from the readers
and I have been very busy sending out my patterns
(again a big thank you to all!)
Look out for a special
'BO Rabbit Giveaway'
 next week
which will include all the yarns and the knitting pattern.

On the other hand, this lovely yarn could be used to knit
 'ANIKA Rabbit'
(If you are the winner you can choose the 'ANIKA Rabbit' knitting pattern if preferred)
Lastly, if you wish to purchase a knitting pattern from
anytime in the next week
you can use this discount voucher code
which will give you a 10% discount on your purchase
(ending 5th December 2010)
Happy Knitting
and remember next week is a special
MJT Festive Giveaway!

Susan x


  1. Glad to see Bo becoming famous. I'll be ordering the new bear pattern next week. Thanks for the holiday discount.

  2. Oh my word Susan. Congratulations, you so deserve it. I am frankly surprised it has not happened before. xxx

  3. My congrats! BO Rabbit is so cute!

  4. Well done Susan and well done Bo for looking so gorgeously warm and festive in the magazine. Love your blog background, just right for the snow we are having. We have about 10cm in Cumbria, I'm guessing you have some too.

  5. Thank you , for the kind comments!
    It must be feeling very festive in lovely Cumbria. We only had a small scattering of snow this morning even though we are not that far away,
    Susan x

  6. I love all your bunnies! My two real ones could do with hats at the moment, but somehow I don't think they would stay on for very long!

  7. Congrats to you all your "little friends" are lovely

  8. Huge congrats on the feature Susan, Bo looks totally adorable in the magazine :) Catherine x

  9. Thank you, Catherine. It has been lovely to see him sitting there and I have been very busy indeed as a result!
    Susan x

  10. Congratulations on your wonderful feature. Great to see your work appreciated and recognised. Bo looks so cute. Hugs, Margie.

  11. These bunnies are adorable. Please enter me in your drawing.