Wednesday 25 August 2010

It's all about the buttons......

I love to use 
in my sewing projects.
They are so pretty and mixing different patterns together is great fun!
If you are ever struggling to find the perfect decorative button for your project,
then a cover button will usually solve the problem.
They are very easy to make either by hand or by using a simple
which will give them a really professional finish.
They are also a great way to make use of small fabric remnants.
They come in many sizes and there are plastic or metal versions.
(I find the metal version is better when using heavier weight fabrics)
I use cover buttons on cushions, vintage hearts, clothing and knitting projects.
 Sometimes, I use the same fabric and other times a coordinating design,
creating something a little more unique or quirky!

I also like to add pretty vintage buttons to my
I have a very old and pretty cake tin of my grandma's which is full of lovely antique buttons,
 some decorative and others quite plain, which were collected
by all the ladies of both our families over many years.
They have been saved from a wide range of tems including
old tea dresses and military uniforms.
As many of the buttons are only odd ones and not in sets,
it is a lovely way to make use of such pretty decorations in my heart projects .
Many of the lavender scented hearts which hang in my wardrobe
have been made from button and fabric 'hand-me-downs'
which I think just makes them extra special:
a little bit of the past that remains with me and although cherished
and safely tucked away, they are still serving a purpose.

Nursery Character Buttons (clockwise)
Mrs. Ribby
Jemima Puddle-DucK
Peter Rabbit
Mrs. Rabbit

When making nursery items I think the pictorial buttons such as the
designs above make really pretty additions to my projects.

These pretty nursery hearts were handmade using
with the addition of decorative Beatrix Potter buttons
and vintage satin ribbon


Do you have any particular favourites:
antique, covered, handmade, wooden or pictorial?


On another subject, I hope you like the bunting I have put up around
The Tearoom
... I think it makes the place so bright and cheery!


...and finally,
there will be another fun
 MJT Giveaway
coming soon 
so please call back for more news!


Have fun and...


  1. Hi Susan, thanks for popping into Flutterby Patch. I'm glad you did because I hadn't realised you had a blog. Silly me! Such a pretty blog and such a feast for the eyes. Love your buttons. I have a collecton and only wish I could use more. I once saw a lady (at a garden festival) that was wearing a hand knited jacket covered all over in old buttons and it was very eye catching but I imagine extremely heavy to wear.

  2. Thank you so much for calling by, Eli and for your lovely comments!
    Susan x