Friday 20 August 2010


I woke up this morning to a very dull, humid day....
which was so disappointing.....

Vintage cotton threads in pretty colours seemed very unlikely that I was going to be able to spend the day
taking photographs for my vintage heart pattern as planned...

Some items in my old wooden sewing box are very vintage indeed!

...but  thankfully there was a lucky burst of sunshine in the afternoon
and so after dashing for my camera
I did manage to take several photographs for my


 ' Very Happy!'


..and wishing you a lovely weekend..

1 comment:

  1. oh I know the feeling, it has been SO dull and wet this summer, not at all easy for getting good photos! I'm coming over to the UK tomorrow for a week and have your patterns with me to look for some wool for them :) Fingers crossed the rain stays away at least a bit! Pop over to my Blog, sure you'll enjoy my latest post about an amazing sigh of giant puppets walking through the city!! Catherine x