Tuesday 5 January 2010

My Knitting Needles!

One of the reasons I wanted to start my blog was to provide extra information for anyone who is about to embark on one of my patterns by adding notes about the many different aspects of my knitting which may be useful and interesting. This will eventually all be available in the archives and found through the label tags and search box.

I think I should start right at the beginning with a few words about my choice of knitting needles. Of course, this is a very personal decision, but it is always useful to read about the experiences of others, especially if you are relatively new to the craft and are trying to make your choices. As only a few basic pieces of equipment are necessary I think that it is wise to invest in the best you can afford as this will influence the final results and moreover make your knitting more enjoyable. Anyway, if you are putting so much time, love and talent into a project you deserve the best!

You may already be aware that I like to use mainly 4-ply cotton yarn when I am designing the clothing for my patterns (I will talk about my yarn choices at a later date) After experimenting with many different types of needles over the years, I have found that bamboo is the definite choice for me when working with this type of yarn.
Bamboo needles are lightweight but very durable and most importantly for me, the cotton yarn does not slide around as easily due to the slight surface friction. This makes them an ideal choice as the result is a more secure grip on the stitches. For this reason they are also very suitable for new knitters. Furthermore, as they are warmer to hold than metal needles they are considered a good choice for those who suffer from arthritic or other similar conditions At the moment I am using Clover Takumi straight knitting needles.

When I am knitting my animals' heads, bodies and limbs, most often using an alpaca double knitting yarn, I like to use the Knitpro Symphonie straight wooden knitting needles. They have a beautiful, smooth surface and finely tapered tips and the stitches simply glide across the needles. They are very strong and durable and also have a unique appearance due to their lovely multicoloured surface patterns. They have proved to be a very worthwhile investment for me and in my opinion the extra initial outlay will be rewarded many times over with a lifetime of joyful knitting!
If you would like to leave any comments about your particular favourites for others to share I would love to hear from you!


  1. I like a bamboo needle as well for smaller sized projects. I was gifted a beautiful pair of Lantern Moon rosewood straights for Christmas and love the look of your knitpro symphonies needles. For most of my
    knitting though, I use my addi's. Fast and smooth.
    Good tools are a must but to have them be beautiful as well is a plus.
    I look forward to being able to knit one of your adorable bunnies soon.

  2. I knit really fast, so my personal faves are my signature stiletto tips and my addi turbos. I find that more than the joy of knitting, it's the feel of the project, so I like to get it going to be able to feel my knit items:)