Thursday 26 August 2021

MjT News and a Winner!


thank you everyone who joined in our 
'Little Tearoom Bears Knitting Kit' Giveaway!

The winning number is 66!

🧢 Congratulations 🧢

I don't have a means of contact so if you can 
message me with your address 
your parcel will be in the post in the coming days!


... More News ...

The following FREE MjT Knitting Patterns
are now available to download directly on Ravelry 
with an option to save to your Ravelry Library
and are now also available here on the blog ...

'Tearoom Bear Rucksack'
This little Rucksack is suitable for all 28cm/11" MJT Animals and Dolls
and uses only very small amounts of yarn left overs.
Options are available to knit 'in the round' or 'back & forth' within the pattern.
(Available in English and Dutch)

'Tearoom Bear Scarf'

A delicate little Scarf suitable for all 28cm/11" MJT Animals and Dolls
(Available in English and Dutch)

'MjT Handmade Shoes'

Custom Made Shoes which are wonderfully stretchy 
and designed for 38cm/15" MjT Animals
or 35cm/14" Tearoom Dolls
(Available in English only)

The above knitting patterns are also available to download in our lovely


Finally, on a more sombre note,
my knitting designs have been stolen and listed on a rogue website
You may not be able to gain access to the website in certain countries
as they have restricted certain areas now but they are still visible in many others.
Please DO NOT purchase from this website or the ones detailed below
as it's possible they may also use your personal details for other illegal purposes.
They also operate on the following rogue websites and
where they have listed the work of other designers WITHOUT permission.
Efforts are ongoing by everyone affected to shut them down.

Thank you to our wonderful community who have been so
helpful and supportive in dealing with this issue.
We are so strong together

I'm very happy to report that my designs have now been removed
from the above website thanks to the very prompt action
of Shopify x

Back soon
with some knitting news


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  1. Congratulations to Karen!!! And thank you for having a giveaway. Your bears have taken on special meaning for me as a dear friend finished one right before she fell asleep in death. A group of us will be knitting the Candy Bear in memory of her and to give us something cheerful to focus on while we wait for our hearts to heal a bit. It will also be comforting working on it together. I hope you have a beautiful day!! 🌼

    1. This was such very sad news. I do remember Raquel making an adorable Candy Bear who is included in my highlights on Instagram and I'm very touched that your knitting group are making Candy in memory of such a very special lady πŸ’—

  2. Congratulations Karen. Beautiful pattern to win, enjoy xxx

  3. Congrats to the lucky winner!!

    I'm so sorry to hear that you've had your work stolen Susan, you're the second person this week that I've heard of this happening to. These people are despicable!

    V x

    1. Hopefully, I'm very happy to report that everything seems to be sorted out now but it has been a stressful week! I'm enjoying some peaceful knitting time today! πŸ™πŸ’—☕️

  4. Yayyyy, Congratulations Karen, what an awesome price to win :)
    Thank you so much Susan for hosting these very generous give-aways on top of gifting everyone with free patterns. Glad to hear the fraud-issue might be all sorted now, how sad that there actually are people like that!