Thursday 13 August 2020

🍃 New MJT Facebook Group!

Hello everyone ...

Some exciting news today about our new Facebook Group! 
I've been thinking for some time about having a private Group on Facebook 
and have finally managed to find the time to do it.
There have been MJT groups on Facebook which I haven't been personally connected 
with (one quite large) and on occasions I've received general questions from knitters 
relating to them as it was presumed that it was my own group. Therefore, I thought 
it would be a good idea to have an 'official' group to avoid any further confusion.

I'm now so happy to have made this decision as it opens up lots of opportunities
to share in a different way. It's also lovely to have a private space...a rare thing online!

It's a place to share Tearoom projects, tips and ideas and there'll also be FREE patterns, 
Giveaways and Group Discounts for members along the way plus updates 
on future patterns. It's already proving to be a very uplifting place to be 
thanks to lovely knitting friends both old and new coming on board ... 

I do hope you'll join us in our little creative space!

The Mary Jane's Tearoom Facebook Group (Official)

can be found here ..


Happy Knitting 

Take care


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