Tuesday 21 July 2020

🍃 A July Update ...

  ... This week ...

... I'm busy working on the layout for the new pattern ...

For those who are interested in making the medium size 
'Candy Bear' on 2 single pointed needles working
'back & forth' she will be available very soon


Following the publication of the seamless version
the pattern has now been rewritten and rephotographed and although
I prefer to work 'in the round' wherever possible these days
I still enjoy the process of putting something together
in 2 very different ways ... 💫


... In the mean time ..
here's 'Ela' on my worktable
taken on a very rainy afternoon in the workroom.
I love that those legs are so very flexible
which means she can be posed easily in so many places
(she's currently enjoying the view from my bookshelf!)
and would really like to design more in this way ...

🐘 🐘 🐘

... Hope you've had a good start to the new week ...

... Back soon ... 

(with an update when the new pattern is published)


P.S The new medium Candy Bear 'in the round' knitting pattern 
is already available and can be found on ...

The Tearoom Blog here

On ETSY here

On Ravelry here

& LoveCraftsKnitting!

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  1. Pretty Candy and Ela .... and that sweet little heart plant!! :)

    1. My little hoya heart is receiving lots of love and attention Vivienne! 💗

  2. Lots and lots of pretties....!! Did I ever tell you how much I love your knits family...they live in perfect harmony! :-) OK so I've told you lots of times but one more won't hurt!!! Even though I can't knit I shall look forward to seeing your new pattern. You are an artist! I feel so happy being back on my blog and renewing contact with my blog friends. I heart that plant by the way!! Take care now. Amanda x

    1. Oh thank you Amanda....that's so kind of you! I've actually been thinking about all the things unique to blogging as I wrote this post and am planning to spend more time here again too ....
      I'll be coming to visit you shortly! 💗

  3. Do you Crochet and if so might it be possible to get all these designs in crochet? I love your knits but I am on a crochet kick now and would love a crochet version also.......I can't wait to see her.

    1. I am planning to experiment with the patterns as I really love to crochet too and have this on my 'to do' list... I'll update here whenever this happens 💗(P.S a few more hours in the day will be helpful too 😂)

  4. Your Ela is adorable! I made a felt bunny that lives in our den on a table where I can see her each day. Now I have to find a heart plant! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thank you Teresa....and if you pop 'hoya heart' in your search engine you should find a little heart plant (fingers crossed she's thriving very well) 🌵💚

  5. Thank you for doing the patterns both ways. I used to love knitting in the round but with tendonitis in my hands and wrists knitting flat is much easier and more comfortable. I wish more designers would give us both options.

    1. Hi Sue... I'm very happy to read that this is a help to you and it definitely makes the extra work worthwhile ... happy knitting and take care 💗