Monday 22 September 2014

A little crochet time....

As summer reaches its end 
there's just enough time to squeeze in one of my summer crochet makes using 
left over yarns from my stash and buttons which were hiding away in the old button tin
My crochet circles which I showed you some time ago
(quite some time ago! :-) ) are now finally a cushion...
very randomly put together in between working on the dolls pattern...
The flower motif is from the book below.....
( where it's used to make a very pretty and colourful bed/sofa throw )
by Susan Pinner
I used oddments of Belle Organic DK
(now discontinued but the shades are so lovely I have to make sure it isn't wasted)
along with some Rowan Wool Cotton DK in antique 
which creates the lovely dense feel that I like for cushions
(reverse side)
It was a perfect antidote at the end of some very busy days recently
and it really just 'evolved' without a plan which made it even more enjoyable.
I added some small antique pearl buttons and loops on the reverse side so  
the cushion can be easily removed 
and it really was so quick to make this using the JAYGO technique
... joining all the motifs while working the 4th round of each flower.
It's lovely to create something pretty from odds and ends
which otherwise have nowhere to go  :-)
and now it's sitting happily on our bed 
...definitely my 'free spirit' cushion... 
And I really must say a thank you today to Nancy!
...of the beautiful  Dolce Lana Shop in Antwerp
(and who can also be found on Facebook here )
for sending me some of her very lovely merino wool above
...and in so many pretty colours too....
such a surprise when my postman arrived with a box!

...thank much...


 (It will definitely be put to good use)
Now, this is my special cup because it was chosen for me
by my very special 13 year old niece 
and I know you would definitely agree on that one  if you were lucky to meet her
....she's brilliant....and she knows me so well because I do love my new cup
(in fact, I have two lucky is that? :-) ) 

...and finally, how pretty is this soap?
Yes, it is soap (even though it looks good enough to eat :-)  )
Ashley brought this home yesterday for me after a day trip to beautiful York
...purchased from...

(I do feel as though it's my birthday already...but that's on Wednesday)

 ...a confession... 
I haven't taken a pic of my new yarn swift yet
...but I'll be using it in the week so will take some then...
Can I show you next time?
(P.S  I hope the pics are ok...I'm using my now broken laptop with a very dodgy lid...
every time I look at them they look different
....but is there ever a good time to have it repaired?...
I don't think there ever will be and I really must do it this week :-) )

...back soon...
...until next time...take care...
...happy crafting...

Any links in my posts are never sponsored
...I just happen to think they are lovely...
...and the little lantern is from Ikea...£2... x

x x  x x


  1. The cushion is a really beauty, I just love the colours such a shame the yarn is discontinued happy birthday for Wednesday
    Clare x

  2. So beautiful colours! The cushion is lovely...

  3. The cushion is lovely!! I always admire your choice of colors and how they all blend so beautifully! What an adorable tea cup and so special to have been chosen for you by your niece!

  4. Very beautiful pillow! Excellent colors - very tasty!

  5. ¡¡¡Me gusta mucho !!!!!!..., un cojín encantador , con unos colores que aportan armonía ... el regalo de su sobrina es perfecto y el jabón divertido ... todas las fotos preciosas. ¡¡¡ Me encanta !!!! ¡¡¡¡¡ FELIZ OTOÑO !!!!!

  6. Whenever I'm feeling down, I open your website or blog and look at all the beautiful things you have made and I start to feel better. May your birthday be filled with as many 'ups' as you've given me.

    1. ♥ Thank you so much...hope you have a lovely week ♥...x

  7. ..wunderschön ist das Kissen, toll gemacht.
    Liebe Grüße von Tatjana

  8. The cushion is very pretty, I love the colours you picked & your cup & saucer is beautiful too!

  9. That is so pretty....such a lovely selection of colours.

  10. How beautiful your cushion is Susan the linking is fabulous and such a gorgeous vintage shade. Have the happiest of birthdays dear friend..I hope you are so deserve it x

  11. Beautiful pictures, crochet and gorgeous cup and saucer, never mind the soap! Have the most wonderful day and thank you for your blog, love it.

  12. Your pillows are fantastic and your pictures so cosy announcing the upcoming season.

  13. Such a beautiful pillow in delicious colours!! I love all your pictures, they are a delight :) Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, dear Susan, and a wonderful year ahead!
    Helen xox

  14. Was für ein zauberhaftes Kissen !! Die Farben gefallen mir sehr gut. Auch ich bin dabei Granny Squares zu häkeln...fertige Bilder davon demnächst auf meinem Blog. Bis dahin wünsch ich Dir eine wundervolle Woche und ganz liebe Grüsse
    Deine Anja

  15. Fingers crossed the birthday fairy brings you a new laptop and lots of scrummy wool to go with it ..... have a great day :-)

  16. Happy Birthday for Wednesday, I hope that you have a great day! Love your cushion, especially the edging and fastening, that is so pretty and delicate. I hope that you can get your laptop fixed, mine literally fell to bits earlier this year so I sympathise! xx

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! to you for Wednesday:o)) I do enjoy reading your blog as I find it quite inspiring! Love seeing all the different coloured yarns and the great projects that you do.......have a good day:o))

  18. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to a wonderful, talented, sweet and lovely blog friend. Your cushion is outstanding... the colors are luscious. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  19. Each one of your posts is like a special visit from a dear friend. I love to see what you are making and I visit your blog several times a week, just so I don't miss anything. God Bless you on your Birthday and always. Thank you so much for all the joy you share with us.

    Best wishes,
    Aunt Bea

  20. I love your cushion, I really do have to learn to crochet. That was THE plan this summer. Your new cup is gorgeous too, a great choice by your niece. I Look forward to checking out your swift yarn, the merino yarn looks great.

  21. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!!!! Loooooove the pillow and loooooove the delicious colors!!!!!!!! I could eat that soap but it's far too beautiful!!!! Have a happy and crafty week!!!!!!!!!
    AMarie xxx

  22. your post is so sweet and beautiful, I wish you a wonderful Autumn
    Kisses from France

  23. Such a lovely post, filled to bursting with scrumptious crochet ! Have a very Happy Birthday tomorrow, Kate xx

  24. Love your pillow with all its story!!!! Buon Compleanno, xxxxxx Ale

  25. Oh dear, dear Susan!

    First of all, there is something terribly wrong with my blogroll....your post went up on Monday, and here we are on Wednesday, and I never saw your new post! I would have been here in a hot minute to see this glorious post!

    I love the way you style your photos. The colors, the lighting all emote such sweetness and the care you put into your designs. Oh Susan, these vignettes are so special. I want to RUN to your world and enjoy a cup of tea with YOU!

    Thank you special one, for coming to visit me and leaving me a comment. Sweet September indeed is one of the best times of year to ease us into a stillness that fortunately, only lasts for a time.

    BIG HUGS! Anita

  26. Your cushion is just lovely Susan, very nicely done indeed. The colours come together beautifully - you really do have an eye for colour and design.

  27. Happy Birthday - hope you are having a great day. Your crocheted circle cushion is inspiration for me to do a bit of crocheting.
    Such lovely gifts......lucky you!

  28. A very Happy Birthday to you!

    Thanks to you for giving us all these lovely photographs and crocheting inspiration. I absolutely agree with you about that special cup and saucer chosen for your by a very special young lady.


  29. Your pics look good. Cute cushion! Nice and cheery. :)

  30. Always a delight to visit your pretty corner, Susan..
    You must be a Virgo ! ( like my daughter )
    A beautiful star sign...
    Wishing you a birthday year of all that special to you ..
    Thanking you for kind words always too !
    Hugs Maria x

    1. Thank you Maria .....( P.S ..I'm actually a Libran...but only just! :-) )...x

  31. Wow, the cushion is really special and so pretty Susan! A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me - have the most wonderful and crafty year ahead! xox

  32. Beautiful! You created such a pretty things here, I was going to reach out and take a bite of that cupcake, yum! LOL!
    I hope you're having a great weekend too!

  33. Here's hoping you had a wonderful birthday Susan x

  34. Awe Susan I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!
    I'm in love with your cushion, it is ever so pretty, isn't join as you go so quick and clever!
    Beautiful cup and saucer and soap and lantern (must visit Ikea soon methinks!!)
    Lovely to catch up with you again, have a great week,
    V xxx

  35. Really gorgeous blog - only just found it! Love the cushion - such beautiful colours. Inspired! Hope you had a happy birthday.

  36. Beautiful Susan, what a delight to see your comment this morning! I am well my friend, and as far as being creative, I only have time these days to be creative in my work as a French teacher! And maybe a little writing on the side on my blog....but my dream of writing poetry is on hold for now until I can figure out how to put that into my busy schedule!

    Oh how I love your blog....happy day!

  37. Un cojín precioso, romántico, muy bonito.
    Felicidades por tu cumpleaños con retraso.

  38. Beautiful cushions, beautiful everything..!!

  39. Is beautiful! I loved your blog, all wonderful! Kisses

  40. HI, just come across this post in a search...glad you are enjoying the book thanks for buying it

    1. Thank you Susan ;-)'s definitely one of my favourites...lots of lovely inspiring projects ♥ ...xx