Tuesday 4 December 2012

♥ Romeo...

Can I introduce you to 
♥ Romeo ?
He is my little alpaca brown baby bear
in vintage style
and he's unbelievably soft, warm and huggable,,.
He has a little 'button' heart in his ear....
wears a 'Hearts and Kisses' jumper ...
and has wooden heart buttons on his braces and boots...
(I do love him in just his breeches and braces!)
love the soft, shabby quality of the alpaca too
and have used one of the most reasonably priced alpaca yarns.
(all details in the pattern)
There are lots of suppliers out there
and these natural shades are readily available..
so lots of choice...
(and any leftovers can be used for Tearoom Mice!)
I always do a quick little sketch to work from before I begin
.....it definitely helps me to see things clearly 
(Sorry about the colours here...my Caran d'Ache pencils
just don't like my camera...but it gives you an idea of how I like to work!
His breeches are a very easy knit...
just one piece and they will also fit Candy and the Tearoom rabbits
with a centre back seam to accommodate a bunny tail!
Ah yes....there he is in the background
checking out his Walking Boots...forgot he was there
until I was about to take this pic and now it's a favourite...
..and the
♥ Romeo Bear'
knitting pattern
is now available in my ETSY shop
(celebrating a new milestone of over 5000 sales!)
on RAVELRY and here in the TEAROOM Shop
(downloads from the TEAROOM shop 
can also be saved to your Ravelry library)
I've had so much fun designing Romeo...
Lots of things have been considered along the way...
To knit him in just his breeches
it will only take 3 x 50gm balls..
Lots of choices within the pattern
as to time and cost ...
and lots more pics
Thank you
(click to visit)
for my beautiful
♥Romeo Blocks
which made taking the pics so much fun!
You can visit Fee's gorgeous 
chipper nelly shop 
(I had a great time doing our swap Fee
and being part of the crafty sisterhood is a great thing indeed!)
Well, I've been completely absorbed in my knitting recently...
so much so that I have almost forgotten the time!
I've tried to keep up with everyone's
blog posts whenever possible but promise to do
lots more catch up over the next few days...
I do love to visit you
and never fail to learn something new along the way!
More news....
Ashley has been home from beautiful Madrid for the weekend
which was a wonderful treat!
I have to say my lovely Leah makes regular trips home
from uni to keep me company in between times
Fortunately, she's not very far away
and is home now for a few days
...so no need for me to complain!
And finally...
A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Kathleen of
Save the Children
to an afternoon with
Debbie Bliss
to help launch the first ever 
'Christmas Jumper Day'
On December 14th, over 250,000 people
(and still counting!)
from celebrities to children, 
will wear a winter woolly and make a £1 donation to life-saving work 
More information can be found here.
Unfortunately, I was unable to be there on this occasion..
but here is the link to some fun 'knitty' projects
if you would like to take part in your own way
and raise some money for this very worthy cause...
(checkout the little egg cosy jumpers!)
Thank you Kathleen for the invitation...
and yes, it will be lovely
to be kept in the loop for future events!
This seems the perfect time too
to also say thank you for the wonderful invitations
to submit my patterns/ become an attached designer
to knitting and craft magazines both here and abroad
and other very unexpected offers
(It's true...life is full of surprises!)

I feel I'm on a magic carpet here....

♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you as always for calling by
I always love to read your comments

Hope you have a great week
(I've just realised Xmas is just around the corner!)


  1. What a gorgeous bear Susan, I can't wait for you to release the pattern. The colours are perfect for this time of year. I'm not surprised that you are "in demand" with magazines etc - you have a real talent for producing beautiful knitting that is just right for the modern day.

  2. Aah, Romeo is just too sweet - he looks such a happy little chap :-)

  3. Oh Susan! Romeo is wonderful and I love the warm colour combination you've chosen. He's going to steal more than a few hearts that's for sure. Eli x

  4. Awww Romeo is just the sweetest bear ever! All his little details are perfect and I can tell he was made with lots of love! Shari

  5. OMG, this bear is soooooooo cute! Give him a big hug from me Susan! Happy midweek to you!

  6. Wow what a wonderfully crafted Ted xx everyone needs a Romeo xx <3 xx well done Susan such a cleaver lady xx

  7. Wow what a wonderfully crafted Ted xx everyone needs a Romeo xx <3 xx well done Susan such a cleaver lady xx

    1. Clever even. Me and predictive. Text don't mix xx xx

  8. Congratulations on the invites to be a designer Susan... truly well deserved! Romeo is absolutely gorgeous... as are the photos and Fee's blocks! He looks so lovable and cuddle-able... Hugs, Jill x

  9. Oh my, oh my! What an absolutely adorable bear! Romeo.....I love you!! I was thrilled to find your post today. I always follow on you on Facebook but your post is like an early Christmas present! So happy to see you here! :o)

  10. Romeo is so adorable! and congrats to you :)

    Bee happy x

  11. Oh my Susan, he's amazing, I love everything about him, his beautiful clothes, his lovely colour and his wonderful name!! Who couldn't love a Romeo. :) I look forward to buying his pattern. Your little sketch is so pretty too.
    Looks like you have lots of exciting things happening at the moment and all well deserved opportunities too!
    Lovely too to be able to spend some time with both your girls. :)
    Have a lovely week Susan,
    Vivienne x

  12. OH MY! Romeo is just adorable!!
    So nice to be able to spend time with your girls and congratulations!
    Enjoy your week!

  13. Aww. Romeo is absolutely precious. :o)
    I am having a little giveaway if you would
    like to drop by. Trish xo

  14. Sweet Susan,

    Your creations are just precious. YOUR ILLUSTRATING IS SUPERB! Dear oh dear, I am in love with ROMEO! Romeo, Romeo, where art thou? Oh I will look out my balcony (yes, I do have one!) and wish upon the star that hovers over my window and think of this sweet creation!teehee...he is so darling.

    Many happy wishes to you for the holidays! Anita

  15. What a handsome bear he is! You're so clever!!! I have to say that I also love the way you'rve set the photos up! :-)

  16. Hello dear Susan! Your posts are always delightful! I love Romeo! You did a beautiful job sketching, designing and knitting him! You are amazing my friend! He is so sweet and I love how you photographed him with the pretty bunting and cute blocks! I am so happy your daughter is home safely and that your other daughter can visit you more often. I know you all have lots of fun! Enjoy the Christmas season dear heart! Much love, Paula xo

  17. Romeo is utterly gorgeous Susan! Will he get a Juliette?
    Victoria xx

  18. Oh Susan!!! You have outdone yourself AGAIN!!! Romeo is so, so sweet and looks sooooooooooo cuddly!!! I will be ordering the pattern as soon as it is available. You are so, so talented and your sketches are just as wonderful as your knitting!!! Lynne xoxoxo

  19. This bear is so cute. Love him.

  20. I just so knew by the little pic on Ravelry that he was going to be cuddly and squishy and I'm definitely going to be getting your pattern in the New Year, love the colours and the look of the alpaca yarn too .... awesome . Now is there going to be a Juliette ?

  21. have Oscar, Lily and her brother but think I may be tempted by Sameul. I love your patterns,so easy to follow and beautiful pictures.

  22. Romeo Romeo wherefore art though Romeo...Oh here he is...wow Susan what a gorgeous boy he is . What a wonderful design down to his little boots....one day I will take up my knitting again...if I can fit more than 24 hours into a day. He really is a little work of art. Glad Ashley is home for a while and I loved seeing Fee's blocks; your photos are gorgeous. I'm not surprised at the new offers, your work and blog are so inspiring. Take care and keep creating xx

  23. Oh mu gosh hoe aorable yous Romeo is!
    I can't understand that someone can DO such gorgeous knitting!
    Your blog is so peaceful and full og beautiful photos and nice things :O)

  24. Sorry Susan. Xx. Must stop using predictive text my post should have said your a very CLEVER lady xx each of your patterns are equally wonderfully written xx xx

  25. He is just sooooo cute....and your photos are always so wonderful.
    I really am not surprised that magazines are after your services.....everything you design is lovely.

  26. Oh he is a darling!!! Should like to tackle knitting him for sure:-)

  27. Oh I do like him Susan, my favourite I think.

  28. SUSAN! No dearest, I did not find my little knitted Romeo, but I did see upon looking out my balcony window that I NEED TO DO SOME HOUSEKEEPING! WOW, I have been so busy with my Etsy shop that my house has been neglected!!!!!! WOW!

    Oh thank you sweet Susan for coming to visit with me today! I so love that darling bear! Sweet wishes to you today! Anita

  29. Romeo is gorgeous! I do love your patterns so much and your blog posts more! Your pictures are lovely!
    Take care, xox

  30. What a cutie -- another one to add to my ever-growing queue!

  31. Hi Susan, what an absolutely adorable little knitted boy. Wild natural alpaca is perfect for him. He's gorgeous in every way. I would love to have one of those!
    ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉
    *M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
    ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  32. I can confirm that Romeo is indeed THE most beautiful bear..and will be treasured here at chipper towers forever! Thanks for sharing the love Susan - I too love being part of the blogging sisterhood!
    Sending love for a toasty Wednesday..fee x
    (I LOVE how Anita has a balcany....of course she does!)

  33. He is absolutely gorgeous - love his wee sweater :0) xx

  34. What a sweet and lovely bear!


  35. Romeo Bear is adorable, Susan! His colouring and the soft alpaca yarn are gorgeous, and you always add such sweet touches to your patterns. I so love this post, every picture is a delight. The blocks made by lovely Fee are beautiful...what a wonderful combination you make!
    Helen x

  36. I love Romeo....will you do a Juliet to suit
    Karen x

  37. Romeo is so gorgeous! I love everything about him.I really want to make him for my 4 month old grandson. I will be watching out for the pattern.

  38. Romeo is one cute bear. He really is a triumph Susan, and I'm sure the patterns will sell like hotcakes!!

    I too was invited to but unable to attend the Christmas Jumper Day event, wouldn't it have been wonderful if all the invitees were there ... so many people I'd love to meet!

  39. Oh Susan, Romeo is just divine! If only I could knit....!
    Caroline xx

  40. Love Romeo, he is a definate must have

  41. I love him & he is going to fit right in =) x Congrats hun keep up the good work we are toe tapping awaiting his arrival!!

  42. Love him....


  43. I have knitted many bears but Romeo is simply adoreable an absolute MUST to knit up, well done on your latest masterpiece xx

  44. Just precious. I'm definitely going to have to knit him up as a friend for Candy!

    You are obviously very talented in a number of areas! Have you ever considered reproducing and selling your sketches? Your 'quick sketch' of Romeo is adorable and much better than many professional/commercial efforts currently available.

  45. He is adorable.

  46. I love his little outfit! Haven't knitted in a while, but this is inspiring me!

  47. Romeo is gorgeous Susan, I love the colours you have used. He'll go straight to the top of my knitting list when the pattern is available. xx

  48. It really is a very Berry pattern and a perfect time to be Launched.

    Merry Christmas from Canada

  49. i love romeo
    patricia from belgium

  50. gorgeous, cant wait to knit him :)

  51. He is adorable!!!

  52. he is absolutely stunning!

  53. Love your new pattern also the colours are beautiful as usual

  54. Roméo est magnifique !!!
    Est ce qu'il existe une traduction en français pour le PDF?
    Merci beaucoup

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment!...Unfortunately, I don't have translated copies at the moment but I'm looking into this and will update the shops whenever this happens....x

  55. Dear Susan,

    So busy is life at the moment that I know I have visited your blog on several occasions to gaze with affection at Romeo and yet I haven't taken the time to leave you a comment telling you have simply adorable he is. Talented Susan, always with a smile on her face, and magic in her fingers. Congratulations on your new knitted family member. His name is perfect.

    Warmest wishes,


  56. I really look forward to your blog up dates, checking in each week but the wait is worth it what a lovely teddy Romeo. I will be getting this pattern his a real cutie. I hope you receive this message for when I have sent them before they don't seen to show under the comments hope this works. I love making things knitting, sewing and crafting.

    Thank you Susan for the lovely knits.

    1. Thank you so much!...I can see your message now and will keep a check that nothing goes to my spam (if it does I can move it to the blog post)...x

  57. Hello Susan,
    Utterly utterly gorgeous bear and with a name like Romeo ....oh my!
    He reminds me a little of Rupert the Bear who I loved as a child. You have thought of everything right down to the tiniest details....the bootees are so wonderful. I think you are going to be really successful with this .... bear ........nay! it is not just a bear but Romeo by name :-)

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  58. Absolutely beautiful website! I just love your talent! Love the color selections, photography, and your beautiful drawing, knitting, and sewing! You are blessed! Thank you for sharing your inspirations with us! It is so happy and cheering to look at your artistry! Came across your site from Ravelry and the lovely Romeo bear!

  59. Hello Mary Jane, I have just found your blog and I was very impressed by Romeo. He is really cute and, besides, his name is italian like me. I have already joined as a follower and I am really looking forward to get your new posts through email. Well done:-). Sara

  60. Oh my what joy, just far tooo adorable. Lovely lovely post.

  61. Thank you so much everyone for the lovely comments about ♥ ROMEO...I've had a wonderful week!...x

  62. Oh me oh my this little guy is beyond darling...your drawing of him is adorable in itself!
    Sounds like you are most certainly on the road to Christmas..gathering joy along the way...extra hug for you today. xoxo

  63. Hi Susan, Just wishing you a Merry Xmas thank you for the lovely knits this year and blog updates. I hope to have time next year to knit some of your little rabbits and Romeo. This year I have been busy knitting baby blankets and bootties (5 lots in total baby boom at work). I am already making new year resolutions, regarding knittinghow sad am I??????. Enjoy the festive session and look forward to next year.
    Best Wishes Jackie
    Merry Xmas to all who read this blog.

  64. just found this by blog hopping and I'm so glad I did. Now I need ot think of who might appreciate such a beautiful bear so I can buy the pattern and start knitting him. Of course I could just treat myself ;)

  65. Your works are amazing!
    Merry Chrismtas!!
    Greetings from Portugal,

  66. Hi Susan, I adore your knitted animals and was wondering if you know of any patterns similar but in crochet? I'd love to crochet something cute like this for my grandbabies. Thanks and Happy New Year! Your work is amazing. XXMollye

    1. Ho Mollye,
      Thank you for the lovely comment!...Unfortunately, I don't know of any similar crochet patterns but maybe there would be something on ETSY or Ravelry?...I will keep a look out for you and Happy New Year Wishes to you and your family too!....x