Wednesday 18 April 2012

Lovely things...

Scrumptious new yarns...
Lots of rain here this week everyone so it seems to be a good time
 to sit and try out some new yarns...I'm hoping this is going to be 
another lovely yarn to use in the MJT patterns
 and I will add it to the yarn page if there is a positive outcome...
...fingers crossed because it is beautifully soft
and comes in a wonderful array of scrumptious colours!
I've also added a collage of 
'Lily Bunny'
to the pattern pages on ETSY and Ravelry this week
and of course not to forget mischievous little
''Samuel Bunny'
I've received more lovely things in the post too...
At the beginning of the week my little
'Jubilee Cottage'
arrived with the postman from lovely Lori of 
'Hippywitch Crafts'
Isn't it wonderful?
You can visit Lori's lovely ETSY shop 
♥ Thank you Lori 
 I love my little toadstool house! 
and yesterday another special treat...
My lovely Giveaway prize from Deb at
'Bee happy'
It was a very unexpected surprise to be the winner of  
Cath Kidston's 
♥ Thank you so much Deb 
and you can visit the lovely 'Bee happy' blog 
My prize arrived beautifully wrapped with a pretty card and tag...
There really is so much kindness here in Blogland.
It's very unlike me to be on a winning streak I have to add....
I'm feeling very lucky...maybe a good time to buy a lottery ticket too!
Which has all helped to make up for the fact that our 
girls have returned to university after having them home 
for 3 happy weeks...
It's very quiet around here now but time does fly by 
....which means....
they will be back again soon I tell myself!
Hope you are having a lovely week

P.S. Spring Giveaway will start next week!


  1. Lovely pictures as usual x I love the Jubilee cottage. Well done on winning the CK book (Green with envy!) Sue x

  2. I love your gorgeous bunnies
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Sigh... I love the sweet soft colors and the cute little bunnies! You won lovely prizes! Enjoy!
    Hugs, Elly

  4. Your bunny colours are lovely Susan. Lucky your with your may well be time to buy that Lottery ticket. I am sure the house does feel quiet now your girls have gone back to uni but that also means more time for crafting ;0)
    Jane x

  5. Dear Susan,

    You have included some beautiful pictures of Samuel and Lily! I feel the urge to make dozens of those longeared marvels. If only I could do without sleep to get more things done!

    I have been a fan of Lori's work for a long time now and her toadstool houses are my absolute favourites. Yours is a treasure to behold.

    It's lovely to catch up with you and I shall be coming out of my bloggin spring hibernation soon.


    1. I shall be flying over to see you as soon as you post again Stephanie!..x

  6. Such sweet little bunnies, am loving your blog!
    Victoria xx

  7. I love the photo-collections of Lily and Samuel. I am very envious of your photography skills!!!
    I love the toadstool house - how cute and whimsical!

  8. Absolutely, truly scrumptious yarns. I love the toadstool house too. A big hug from me to you, the house must seem very quiet at the moment. Only 31 days left until half term - is uni the same?
    Lorraine xx

  9. What absolutely gorgeous looking yarns, I love those colours together Susan, and those bunnies are adorable! I think I could be developing a serious yarn addiction - having just bought some debbie bliss (the first non acrylic yarn I will be using!) - there are soooo many beautiful ones out there to choose from! Hope you are not too lonely this week, hope the time will fly by until your girls are home again. Jenny x

  10. I love your little bunny collages Susan, they are so sweet. :) Gorgeous yarn too!
    What a beautiful little toadstool house and yet another giveaway win, maybe it is time for a, lottery ticket!!!
    I always think this term is short, your girls will be back with you in no time at all.
    Enjoy the rest of the week,
    Vivienne x

  11. Yay......well done on all your lovely wins Susan.......those yarns are very pretty, and I'm so chuffed to have one of your gorgeous bunnies named after me........I could get quite used to being famous.

    lily xx

  12. Hi sweet Susan! Your new yarn is gorgeous! I hope it knits well for you sweetie. Your bunnies are the sweetest things! Love the collages of them! I LOVE the toadstool! Oh, it is beautiful! Just look at all those sweet details! I am so happy for you! The Cath Kidston book is fabulous and the card and tag are lovely! I know you will enjoy your pretties! I am sorry the girls have gone back to school, but I am glad they will be home again before you know it! Have a lovely day! Much love, Paula xo

  13. You make me blush! :-)

    Ooo I love the yarn, it looks so lovely and soft and those colours are beautiful!

    The time will fly and the girls will be home before you know it, lots of crafty time for you until then :-)

    love Lori xxx

  14. Love the collages of Lily and Samuel! They are so cute and the little toadstool house! Congratulations on your lovely wins too. :-)
    Have a nice day!

  15. Oh Susan, your pictures are so delicious ... you make me want to eat wool!!

  16. I so enjoy your colors and pastels and sweet nature.. your whole blog is a joy to visit. Love your bunnies soooooOOOOooo much!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. Hi Susan, your new bunny collages are beautiful, everything just looks so delicate and pretty.

    Oh what a lovely toadstool, how happy you must be.

    Enjoy the peace and quiet - the perfect time for lots of crafting x

    Fleur xx

  18. the little toadstool house is perfectly adorable, and what a lovely give-away to win. your pictures are always so softly pretty, susan. love the collages of lilly and benjamin bunny, too sweet.

    enjoy your week, my friend.

  19. So much prettiness in one place! You have the sweetest goodies there. :o) I hope your week has been a joyful one. hugs, Trish

  20. Your new yarn certainly looks lovely, I do hope it works out well.

    Love the little jubilee cottage, how sweet....and how lovely to win that giveaway.....lots of things to e smiley about!

    Have a good week!

  21. I just love Lily and Samuel, they are so sweet! Love the toadstool too, I'm off to look round Lori's shop now.

  22. Plenty of rain here too Susan ~ loving the bunnies & I too have some lovely yarn waiting to be knit into the little mice!!!!!!!!! Toadstool is adorable ~ enjoy your prizes!!!! Marie x

  23. The new yarns look absolutely delicious, Susan! I just know you will create something gorgeous with them too! I love the collages you've made showing those sweet little bunnies, they are delightful. And congratualations on the wonderful treats that have come your way though the mail this week....well deserved too.
    Wishing you a happy (nearly) weekend and lots of sunny times.
    Helen x

  24. Ooh, love the colors of that yarn -- wondering if it's wool free??

    1. It is wool free Joan....I have emailed the details for you!
      Susan x

  25. That yarn is beautiful, sweet, lovely colors & lucky you, such nice pressies in the post. The toadstool is amazing I really love it
    Have a sweet & happy weekend
    Lol Karen x

  26. They are adorable - lovely names too!
    Congratulations on all your winnings, lottery ticket a must I think.
    Kate x

  27. Very apt little cottage, everything is so patriotic at the moment. I love your Lily and Samuel collage, they are so appealing.

  28. The yarn looks scrumptious, and I LOVE the toadstool house!

    And yes, get thee to a shop that sells lottery tickets, who knows how long the lucky streak might go on for!

  29. Aha! I am really wondering if that there yarn is the same as a new (to me) range I found this week. they look very similar. cant wait to find out.

  30. Such joy you always share my friend...your little collages are so sweet...that little toadstool is the most adorable thing I have seen in a long time...thanks for sharing.
    Hugs for a great weekend. xoxoxoxo

  31. Love the Toadstool, all the details are just lovely. Have a super weekend Susan xo

  32. Oh my sweet Susan,

    I MISSED YOUR NEW POST as my internet was very SPOTTY this week and I SO LOVE YOUR WORLD! The bunnies, what can I say but that I LOVE THEM in any form. Your colors and faces for them are just sweet as pie!

    Oh how are you out there in England? Spring is finally here and we are going to go make a walk. My boxwood hedges are terrific this year so I shall go and examine my gardens and listen to the silence. THANK YOU for your kind comments my dear! PEACE! Anita

  33. your collages are so sweet and the toadstool is adorable and well done on your giveaway win xxxx

  34. Love your blog, so lovely. :)


  35. Thank you so much Liisi and thank you for becoming a new follower too...Hope you enjoy your visits!....x

  36. Lovely yarn and so many nice things you are doing. Have a nice start of the week.


  37. Oh so much sweetness... always a treat to visit your beautiful blog....

  38. Susan you are so talented... I have always wanted to knit..on my list...Love your bunnies!!

    I wanted you to know...I am featuring Anita Rivera, our Friend, Designer and Paper Artist with Castles Crowns & Cottages, & her Giveaway on my site!

    Art by Karena

  39. Susan,
    Thank you for the very sweet comment. Hailey and I are both anxious to get sewing. The room is not quite done, I'm thinking another week or two should do it! Can't wait to get sewing!!!

  40. Such lovely colours really spring like! Fliss xxx

  41. Such a pretty blog ... my list is getting very long! xxx

  42. Love that new yarn, soooo pretty! X

  43. Great blog. Lovely bunnies. fabric and ribbons for me lol x

  44. Great blog. Lovely bunnies. fabric and ribbons for me lol x

  45. Great blog. Lovely bunnies. fabric and ribbons for me lol x

  46. I blogged about it! Fabric and ribbons for me :)

  47. Fabric and ribbons for me (my first entry although I put it in after my blog one)... Thanks for the giving!!!!!

  48. Love your lily and samuel bunnies. Great gift you received too. Gorgeous blog, so pretty.

  49. LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and I want to follow, do you have twitter or FB??

    If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at

  50. Lovely!
    I love your blog.
    Shall we follow each other?
    If so, please leave your link at my comments box so that I can follow you back.