Saturday 24 March 2012

 Spring Arrivals...
Lily and Samuel 
Spring Baby Bunnies
Lily and Samuel are only 9" tall
and have been designed using DK weight yarns....
These are the lovely yarns used in the patterns
which were a joy to work with and I love the pretty pastel shades
(although they were a bit of a challenge to photograph on  dull days!)
I'll add all the details in a later post and they will be included in each pattern 
You may remember my earlier little sketches... 
(Yes, it was a clue!)
I really enjoy doodling whatever comes into my head and then seeing if I can
turn them into knitted's become a habit of mine these days..
I'm always scribbling something.... 
although my Caran d'Ache pencils seem to develop a strange hue in photographs!
I find smaller designs more of a challenge as there are less stitches to
play with and decreases in a small face can look quite unattractive
(Oh my, we don't want that, do we?)
 but I have managed to hide them out of the way 
which has made me very happy!
They will be available soon in my 
  ETSY Shop
but I thought I would share a few pics with you so that you can see 
what I have been doing over the last couple of weeks...
(Time does seem to fly by far too quickly these days!)
I have really bonded with our new little people...
Here's Lily Bunny sitting on my desk quietly watching me work
as I created her brother Baby Samuel...
(and I have to say that I think she's looking very ladylike too!)
Thank you 
to the lovely friends on  our
Facebook Page

for such kind comments about the our baby bunnies...
they were definitely made to feel very welcome
(and it was very reassuring for me too!)
A very lovely surprise...
On Saturday...
a package arrived in the post for me
from my lovely friend Deborah at
'Simply Miss Luella'

It was totally unexpected and completely made my day....
...I just couldn't stop smiling!!...
I was very tempted to open out my lovely charm pack to share with you 
and take a pretty photo of all the designs and colour combinations 
but I think I should really show some restraint here and keep my treasures 
safely packaged until I am ready to use them....they just look so perfect....
(I can't wait to see them spread out all over my craft table though!)
This gives you an idea of the lovely colours and designs
.....42 truly scrumptious squares....
I also received a large spool of matching sewing thread too
and so I am fully equipped to start excuses!
(and you really have chosen all my favourite colours here too Deborah!)

You can visit Deborah's blog 
Lots of gorgeous quilty projects to inspire you!
Thank you so much lovely friend x


On Sunday...
Ooh...another lovely treat..

My girls arrived home on Sunday with the prettiest box of cakes 
I have ever seen and all so beautifully packaged
They were carefully transported all the way from
Patisserie Valerie 

(click to visit)
I should have taken a photograph friends but to be honest 
...they really weren't around for very long!
I can highly recommend them though for those occasions
when you just feel like being more than a little indulgent.
Oh, it's good for the soul.. isn't it??!!

Well, I hope you had a lovely Mothering Sunday
 and that this weekend is a good one for you too.
It 's always lovely to catch up here
The sun is shining brightly in our corner today....
...fingers crossed that it stays this way and we shall be in the garden later...

Thanks so much for calling by
Until next time


  1. Oh Susan, they are soooooooo beautiful, I'm really looking forward to the pattern. Nothing like a bunny to brighten your day! :)
    Your little fabric bundle is so pretty too.
    It's such a lovely day here too, hope you have fun in the garden!!
    Happy weekend,
    Vivienne x

  2. I just love your new patterns and look forward to seeing them on Etsy (I hope it's very soon). Beautiful colours, you have impeccable taste.

  3. I really need to learn to knit so I can make those precious bunnies! What fun to see Miss Luella in your blog post! Talk about making my day! Take care! Deb

  4. Oh I just love them, & their faces are just perfect. Lovely sweet spring colors, my absolute favorite.
    Been looking at that fabric collection at fabric shack online, its so cute, enjoy it :)
    Have a sweet weekend Karen x

  5. Oh Susan dear, I am in love with your bunnies!!!! AND I AGREE With the hues that resonate through the screen from our beloved colored pencils. I use the same ones and my aquas do NOT have the same beauty after I scan them and put them up!

    I DID NOT KNOW you are such an illustrator! LOVELY! I am following you now. Thank you for this bright lift and for the visit! Anita

  6. hi Susan!
    they are so so cute. your works are an inpiration!
    thank you!
    Have a nice weekend,

  7. Hi Susan, your bunnies are simply adorable, cant wait for the patterns to be available. Love those colours and your beautiful illustrations.

    Barbara xx

  8. What cuties your bunnies are! They're adorable Susan and once the pattern is available I imagine, as is ever the way with bunnies, they will be multiplying rapidly!

  9. A beautiful post Susan. Those dear little bunnies are just the best! You really know when spring is here when bunnies are all around! Can't wait to see what you do with your lovely gift!
    Love Katie xx

  10. The bunnies are lovely....I love the faces on both of them, it's the one thing I can never get right, it's surprisingly difficult to make cute faces, scary comes more easily to me!

    Gorgeous colours in your new pressies, I take it that it is a collection of fabrics...or is it paper? I am probably showing my ignorance greatly! Anyway, paper or fabric it's lovely, although now I come to think of it, you mentioned cotton so i've answered my own question!

    Have a lovely weekend in the sunshine!

  11. Those two bunnies are just adorable! I have been crocheting Teddy Bears for my 6 grandkids, but I might have to try knitting your bunnies for them next.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Aw. :o) Your little bunnies are just precious. I love to watch as you create. Such beautiful work. :o)
    And oh my what sweet goodies you received. Pretty fabric and yummy treats. :o)
    I hope you are having a lovely weekend.
    Hugs, Trish

  13. The bunnies are sooo cute! Love your toys!

  14. Dearest Susan,

    Such a HEAVENLY post! Your rabbits are absolutely delicious. Words fail me. And those sketches... Swoon.

    You have made my morning along with the glorious spring weather and family time we have been having.


  15. Hi dear Susan! Your bunnies are so beautiful! I love their sweet names and their darling facial expressions! You have a gift dear friend! I love your amazing sketches too! Yes, indeed, Miss Lily is very ladylike! I love your gorgeous photos! The fabric is so pretty! I know you will enjoy creating with it. I am happy your Mother's Day was wonderful! xo~ Paula

  16. Bunny babies? Oh, how adorable. Congrats on another lovely design!

  17. You are so clever, they look just like your drawings...lovely

  18. What a pair of cuties!!! I love Lily's floppy-down ears!!! :-)

  19. They are just adorable Susan.

  20. Your new baby bunnies are so adorable, Susan! What sweet soft yarn you've used, absolutely lovely! I am very partial to bunnies of all kinds and your little knitted ones are perfect!
    Isn't this summery weather amazing?? Congratulations on winning that beautiful fabric from Simply Miss Luella too!
    Have a great week!
    Helen x

  21. they are the sweetest bunnies I've ever seen :) I loved them :9

  22. Beautiful Bunnies x

    Your drawings and your knits and very pretty.

    Fleur x

  23. Everytime I visit you I just feel joy! Your sweetness comes through loud and clear in your darling little posts...your world is magical my dear friend. I am off to visit your lovely links ...your bunnies are beyond charming...Monday hugs to you. xoxox

  24. The new bunnies are adorable! I can imagine small people being tricky to shape, they look perfect.

    Ooooo cake, my favouritest :-)
    Love the fabric too, gorgeous colours to play with.

    Have a lovely week,
    love Lori xxx

  25. What adorable spring bunnies Susan and the pastel wool is perfect. I'm glad you had a lovely mothers day and were able to see both your dear girls. Your fabric win is fab I can't wait to see what you make. This perfect weather is still holding on.
    Jane x

  26. What a lovely post, Susan !
    Your bunnies are so so cute !
    Hope you're enjoying nice spring weather too ...

  27. The bunnies are gorgeous, and you are so creative for coming up with the idea and pattern.

  28. These are just adorable! Can't wait for the pattern. My two little granddaughters will just love these. :-)

  29. Dear Susan! I was looking forward to seeing the new patterns and they are so lovely! Thank you for spring mood!

  30. Hi Susan...your bunnies are very cute.
    Hugs Debbie x

  31. How huggable and loveable are they!!! wonderful design. I love rabbits. Your colors on the girl bunny and the little boots.

    :-} xxxx

  32. hello Susan,Gorgeous those all reminds me of Beatrix Potter colors and settings from her tales.....sweet memories! Beautiful colors too.
    Keep feel !

  33. Sorry Susan....bit of a typo error in my comment that was meant to read ....Keep well!!!