Thursday 23 February 2012

Spring dreams...
The sun is shining brightly here....I can hear the birds singing in the garden from where I'm working ...they are very vocal today and so I'm sure they must be having a particularly happy day...It's definitely one when my thoughts are drifting to the weeks that lie ahead. There's a real feeling that the seasons are changing here and I'm suddenly bursting with creative energy...That's such a good feeling....being a crafty I surely am!....I bought the pretty tulips above on a little shopping trip into town yesterday...couldn't resist them and they are sitting on the desk in my work room. I just love how happy they look...making my space so welcoming!
Soft and pretty...
I've been busy working on my latest project which is coming along now. Although, this is the slightly frustrating point where I seem to be working hard but don't have very much to show you...
That should change soon....well, let's hope so!
~ ♥ ~
I really don't think there are any colours that I don't like on the whole colour spectrum and I always love the challenge of combining them together to create something lovely. At the moment, I am drawn to pretty and calm, soft pastels....always a favourite with me. These yarns are beautifully soft too....and our postman arrived with yet more lovely yarn a short time ago...a parcel of beautiful angora goodness (Oh my, I really am having a good day!)....I have some plans for it at the end of this project...a bit of experimenting.
Always doodling...
The identity parade...they look so serious don't they?
I love to do my quick sketches when something suddenly appears in my mind. Jotting them down always helps me to put things together....In fact, it's something I have to do these days....part of the routine. I am (hopefully!) fulfilling some requests which have come up regularly over recent times.But, I can't say too much about that just yet people because I am very superstitious when it comes to my patterns, not something I am otherwise known for and not something I can explain!
~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~
Lovely colour inspiration...
The lovely colours sitting on my shelf..
Well, from my workroom, I shall leave you now lovelies, as I am going to work really hard so that I can have my planned weekend of cultivating our little patch, baking and staying up to watch the OSCARS...
I'm going to be so tired on Monday morning!
~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~
Hopefully, I have managed to remove the dreaded new verification box when you want to add a comment.
Would you let me know if it's still there?

Take care everyone
Thanks so much for calling by...I do so enjoy your visits 
and sharing my crafty days with you.....
P.S...Mr.H has just appeared through the door with the latest issue of  Mollie Makes...
Oh, he's a good one!.....No, things can't get any better today......
Time for a break and one of eldest daughter's cherry cakes with a nice cup of tea....
Speak soon...


  1. Love your doodles, they are so pretty! I think I would go and find a frame instantly.

  2. What a lovely sunny post Susan. The sun has certainly been shining today, the thermometer read 17c this afternoon. I love your doodles, what a fun pad that must be. You new creations sound wonderful and I look forward to seeing them. I have also taken the comment verification off my blog...the new one is so dreadful that sometimes I have to give up as I really cannot make the 2 words out! Happy nearly spring,
    Jane x

  3. I love your colour is just so are the tulips....I much prefer the pastel tinged ones to the very bright gaudy ones.
    There's definately a spring feel here today.

  4. What sweet little drawings Susan, little works of art. :)
    Your yarns are scrumptious and getting a delivery of angora would make any knitters day!
    The change of season is definitely obvious today!
    Enjoy your tea and cherry cake,
    Vivienne x

  5. What an inspiring post, love all your beautiful color choices, pastels are my definite favourite also.
    The wee sketches are adorable & the tulips Mmmmm!!!!!
    Am feeling so cheery after this post :D
    Lol Karen x

  6. You always tempt us Susan with a cute sketch and a promise of goodies to come (I will wait patiently!) Sounds like you had more sunshine than us today . . send us a bit will you! Keep up the good work, Eli x

  7. Tulips are such a pretty flower and so full of promise of the spring to come. Your sketches are so bonnie - your colour choices are always spot on.

  8. Ooh this sounds very exciting, can't wait to see the new creations.

    love Morag x

  9. Lovely post, beautiful photos, so pleased you dropped by to see me else I may have never found you. there is nothing better then pretty tulips to brighten your day at the end of winter, it helps you to know that spring is almost here :D x x x x

  10. wat kan jij prachtig tekenen,en veel succes met alles.

    liefs Stina

  11. It felt so much like spring today. After reading your plans I can't wait to see the results.

  12. What a lovely husband! Nice to see the flowers you are enjoying :-)

  13. Yes the nasty word verification has gone, I just hope you dont get any spam going straight on. . .

  14. Lovely pictures! That yarn looks scrumptious and your sketches are glorious. What talent you have!

  15. Such a pretty post, Susan! Those new rosy fabrics are just gorgeous. The sun has been shining here today too and the birds are busying about and singing a lot! Love your little drawings. Hope your new projects continue to go well.
    Have a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  16. Hurrah for such beautiful inspiration!!
    That sketch is amazing!!!

  17. So many charming talents! Your post moved me out of a grey winter to a to lovely spring. Thank you!

  18. Love your drawings and photos! I sure wish we could get Mollie Makes here in America!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  19. Gorgeous, gorgeous pics as always, Susan.

  20. It's always a joy to visit you on your blog.
    The colors are inspiring and so is your blog too.
    Have a nice weekend.

  21. Hi Susan,
    I love your sketches, they are a real pick up. I dont have a blog but just love the inspiration to be found in blogland. I live in Scotland and today the sun is shining, the birds are singing.
    What more could we ask for.
    Love Jean x

  22. So much gorgeousness here as ever Susan. And do please tell what brand of yarn you have there ... the colours are so perfect. Time for cake, by the way, is one of my favourite phrases ... now where did I put that cake tin ;D

  23. Those new sketches look very enticing Susan.......can't wait to see your new project.......maybe I could pop by and help you clean those kitchen cupboards and get to take a little peek at your workroom, all those pastel coloured yarns are so inspiring.

    Happy weekend to you, lily. x

  24. lovely colors and oh, those tulips make the heart sing! Look forward to seeing what you've been working on now that we've had a wee teaser.

  25. Hi Susan! Just yesterday (I was a bit busy lately, so not much blogging time) I discovered you had my blog featured by Lola! Oh, you're such a dear! Now I understand that number of new followers!
    I really love this post, the colors, your drawings, the soft yarns... it all makes me feel happy!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    hugs Elly

  26. Susan, your drawings are really beautiful and would look perfect framed in a nursery, your his and hers wool looks so soft and inviting, I am looking forward to seeing your new creations and know that they will be just fabulous. I adore your work and enjoy every visit to your blog, your creativity is so inspiring. Big hugs, Margie.

  27. We've had three days of drizzle and mist here, although I do agree that everything is definitely feeling more spring-y.

    The colours in your post today are just beautiful, so soft and pretty, your sketches are lovely too.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  28. wishing you a lovely time with your eldest daughter.

  29. Oh dear,this is way cute....those BUNNIES in your drawings are JUST PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!! Susan, your colors here are a celebration on parade, and I am ready. LET'S GO! Your kind words to me are greatly appreciated, and I thank you for your visits. There are so many wonderful people out there and YOU ARE ONE OF THEM! ENJOY another PERFECT DAY....Anita

  30. Ooooh Susan, you're doodles are sooooo cute! Like all your work. Love the sweetness of the colors here, everything says: SPRING! Lovely sunday Susan!

  31. Oh what a lovely post :-) I love tulips, such a happy looking, gorgeous flower.

    Love the drawings, how sweet are those two!!
    Wooly post is good! Think I need to rummage through my yarn boxes and find something gorgeous to knit with at the moment as it seems to be ages since I did any knitting, it's been a few weeks anyway which is ages!

    Thanks for putting my giveaway in the side bar that's so lovely of you :-)

    Lori xxx

  32. A beautiful post Susan, such pretty spring colours are always so uplifting to see. We have FINALLY had some sunshine after two miserable days whilst the rest of the country bathed in sun so I'm happy now! I heard the birds chirping away today outside and it lifted my heart to think of the warmer days to come! I do love your little drawings and 'doodles' (more like works of art rather than doodles!) and all your pretty yarn and fabric. Hope you are having a creative weekend with them :) Jenny x p.s thanks for your comment on my giveaway - I will enter you twice as you did both the blog and fb things - will be announcing winner tomorrow, though am not looking forward to writing out all those names!! x

  33. Susan,
    I doodle all the time too, but my doodles look nothing like yours! I wish!!!! I enjoyed those pretty flowers, I am dreaming of spring too . . .
    Enjoy the Oscars, I'll be right there with you watching! We can talk about the dresses later!! :)

  34. Your doodling is darling! My doodling level is still at stick figure stage. I would love to have your talent!
    Those yarns are beautiful-- such yummy colors. I'm looking forward to seeing how you work your magic with them!

  35. I just love visiting with you and seeing the beautiful projects you are working on. What a darling drawing and such gorgeous yarns. :0)
    I hope you have had a wonderful weekend.
    Sincerely, Trish

  36. I love going into your site and reading your up dates they are so inspiring and uplifting. It makes me want to go away and start new projects then I have to say to myself, finish the project your currently working on which I am in the process of knitting two baby blankets which are just plain but you then make 4 knitted little daisies. (Brought pattern) Its great the evenings are getting lighter and an odd few sunny hours. Jackie

  37. What a lovely blog you have! It's my first visit, and I shall definitely be back again! x

  38. Love the colours on your blog Susan. I particularly love that rose ribbon you have and the doodles of the bunnies. If you need live models I can lend you two, but can't guarantee they will sit still very long!!

  39. have I missed this blog of gorgeousness! and we do share lots of blogging pals don't we?!
    I wish I had more time to mooch around - am going to pop it on my sidebar so i don't miss anything else...fee ♥

  40. beautiful photos...I love tulips!!

  41. Can your blog possibly get any prettier???? I am in love with that ribbon and your fabrics! Thank you so much for the blog of the week link, Sarah xo

  42. Thank you for coming today Susan, i still LOVE your spring-prettieness here! Happy knitting and happy week!

  43. Such pretty spring colours my friend...and you are one lucky duck...a new copy of Mollie Makes...pure joy. Sending you oodles of LOVE!!!! xoxoxo