Monday 28 November 2011

Best of British....

Xmas Baking Day ♥
Hello friends...
Have you had a good weekend?
Today, the weather is definitely on the chilly side
with some very strong winds in our corner of the world
and so I have migrated to our warm kitchen to finally bake my Christmas cake.
I soaked all the lovely fruits in brandy overnight and there is a
very festive aroma around lovely!
I am still managing to be unusually organised for Xmas
this year and continue to fulfill all my good intentions.
Surely, this can't possibly continue!
Can you spot the little vintage Be-Ro book there?
It belonged to my grandma, Mary Jane and has survived the test of time.
It's full of traditional recipes and some very interesting advice too
which I must show you more of one day!
♥ ♥ ♥
A couple of weeks ago I was asked by lovely Al McCavery of

All Tea Towels 

if I would like to choose two of my favourite tea towels from his site
for a review and after having a good look around,
I decided it would be great fun to choose something that identifies
with our little tearoom!
♥ ♥ ♥
Making my choice was harder than expected though
 as I was faced with an array of my favourite themes
...Nostalgia and Retro, Dogs, Birds, Butterflies, Nautical,
Flowers and Greengate to name just a few....
My choices finally lay in the 'British' category.
I am such a fan of the original World War 11 poster
'Keep Calm and Carry On'
(In fact, I do seem to repeat this constantly to myself these days
and on the whole it does have a positive effect I am pleased to say!)
I think this would look fab too in a poster frame too.
My second choice was the Brit themed teapot, cup and saucer tea towel
because I do love my tea, as many of you know!
One of my daughters also said that it reminded her of
'Alice in Wonderland'...decision made!

All the tea towels are beautiful quality designer linen, cotton and linen union
and the service is second to none with First Class same day dispatch in the U.K
and extremely low postage rates worldwide.
There is also a lovely section on the history of tea towels
which basically explains how ingenious we women can be!
Yes, we do like that, don't we ladies?
And the really good news...
is that they will be part of a little Giveaway at a later date
Thank you so much Al !
(I have since returned and am now the proud owner of
 a lovely scottie dog tea towel too..the subject of my latest crafty make..
more about that very soon!)
♥ ♥ ♥
On the subject of Giveaways..
There is still time to join in the
Autumn Giveaway 2011
which will end on December 2nd
for a chance to win these lovely yarns
(Click here  for details)

Thank you so much
to everyone who has already called by to take part.
It has been so lovely to see you all
and the very best of luck ....I only wish I had a prize for everyone!

We have also reached 2 milestones here in the last couple of weeks!!
3000 5* Feedbacks on Ebay
followed by 3000 sales on ETSY over the weekend
Thank you so much to everyone...
I feel so lucky to be having this much fun!

See youFriday..
2pm by the tearoom clock!
(I have an awfull lot of counting to do now!)


  1. You are very well organised Susan, there will be a lovely aroma in your house today. :)
    I remember my mother having a Be-Ro cookbook, I wonder where that went to?
    Beautiful tea towels ~ I love the teapot one!
    Congrats on all your milestones, all very well deserved.
    Have a lovely week,
    Vivienne x

  2. WOW congrats on the etsy sales!!!!! and feedbacks you must be doing something right!

    I love scottie dogs, I was just thinking of incorporating one into my next sculpture batch.

    HUGS Lorraine :-}

  3. Congrats on the sales!
    I won't bake anything Christmas-like this week, since it hasn't been St. Nicholas Day here. Somehow I just cannot really get into Christmas before St. Nick has been to bring presents...

  4. I love the teapot tea towel the best Susan, very British.......well done on all those etsy sales......brilliant.x

  5. I always smile when I visit your lovely corner in the world, Susan. Everything is so very pretty in those gorgeous colors.
    Enjoy your evening tea my friend xo xo xo

  6. You're teasing us. I can't wait to see what the new pattern is.

    My best friend is from England and I know she'd love those cup and saucer tea towels. I thought I was finished with Christmas shopping and now see what you've done. You've tempted me, but then I'm easily tempted.

  7. So much loveliness over here as usual Susan, and congratulations on your milestones. Congratulations indeed!
    Kate x

  8. Ooh congratulations on all those sales!!! The teapot tea towel is gorgeous, and I can so see what your daughter meant about Alice :D

    Christmas ... is it soon? ;D

  9. Oh Susan, your blog is so sweet and HAPPY! Every where I look, I see the most darling creatures and happy colors and invitations to tea...this is MY WORLD here at home....I thank you dearest for coming by to greet me and to peek at some Etsy shops! OOOOhhhhhh, your giveaway looks so good. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!! Anita

  10. well done, my friend. love your 'all tea towels', beautiful graphics. congratulations, too, on your milestones... 3,000 on both ebay and etsy is tremendous.

    i hope you have a wonderful week, susan.

  11. This is such a gorgeous Brit chic post, Susan! I really love your pictures, and now I want those tea towels too! Your kitchen must have been such a festive place on your cake making day....delicious. I have memories of the Be Ro baking book, must go and raid my mother's kitchen and see what she still has. Well done on all those amazing milestones....I'm not surprised you are doing well though.
    Thanks for a delightful colourful post. Have a great week.
    Helen x

  12. Susann, you make your everyday seem like so much fun! Congrats to your Etsy-sales and to your great work and blog in general - i love to visit here everytime!

  13. I love that Little Be-Ro book Susan, how wonderful you still have it and that your Nan's name was Mary Jane!Things are very busy here too but this weekend my daughter is coming up to make mince pies with me She is almost as big a fan of Christmas as I am!
    Take care, those tea towels are fab!
    Jane x

  14. Hi Susan, I love to pop onto your site and see the lovely things you have made and pictures. It just amazes me how you get all this done, mind you I have baked cakes tonight, doing a bit of a Christmas thing this weekend. Have a great baking day. Jackie

  15. I can't believe the BeRo book, Susan, Until very recently I had a battered old copy too, that had belonged to my mum ... made me smile to see it. xxx

  16. Such pretty tea towels...pure joy...I am off to take a peek.
    Love your pretties today my friend...hugs and love being sent your way. xoxoxoxo

  17. ps...congratulations dear one!!!!

  18. What an achievement and so well deserved!
    I miss the smell of baking Christmas cake but alas nobody in my household likes it apart from me. Thank you for bringing back memories.

  19. Well done on ebay and etsy milestones!
    Oh I wish I could make a Christmas cake, I used to make them every year but when I got a new oven a few years ago it all went wrong! It hates me, the temperatures are all wrong and if I bake them longer to make sure they are cooked in the middle them they dry out and are awful :-( So now I buy them instead but I miss the smell of them baking...
    Lori xx