Sunday 12 September 2010

MJT Alpaca Yarn Winner!

Congratulations to
who is the winner of the beautiful
RYC Alpaca Yarn
If you could contact me Petra via the link
with the details of the address
to which you would like to receive your yarn
and it will be carefully wrapped and
in the post first thing tomorrow.
As you will all know by now,
 I love doing the giveaways and so there will be
lots more in the future!
The 'Wholewheat Scone's recipe above
is from
Delia's Complete Cookery Course
(quick, easy and lovely served still slightly warm with butter!)
Meanwhile, I have been busy knitting
'Ashley's Cushion'
 before she heads off to university.
I had given the matter lots of thought
(What could I make her that would be special?)
I had some sudden inspiration to design her a cushion
but doing so and then knitting it at the last minute
has been a bit of a challenge (and I haven't finished yet!)
I have knitted her name into the design so that it is especially for
Ashley and it is covered in hearts
(yes, we are all going to really miss her!)
The felted yarn has created a lovely rustic, folksy feel and I have used
colours from Ashley's bedroom for inspiration
(I will add some photos when it is finished)
The Fair Isle design is very much vintage inspired.
I think I may add a twisted cord around the edges. but we shall see!

Hope you are enjoying a lovely, lazy Sunday
It's back to the knitting for me!


  1. Susan, the cushion is just beautiful, what a treasure.

  2. Thank you, Jenny!
    Hopefully, I will be able to complete it over the next few days,
    Susan x

  3. Looking forward to seeing the finished cushion.