Friday 6 August 2010

Cupcake Happiness!

One of my favourite places!
I have been spending a lot of time here lately.
In fact, I am becoming quite addicted to my kitchen these days.
It is just so wonderful to be in here again!

Cupcakes never fail to lift the spirits!

These pretty cupcakes were baked using a recipe from the lovely
and once made they were duly spread around
family and friends bringing lots of smiles along the way.
It is amazing how much pleasure
a few homemade cakes can bring!

As some of you know, when you tried to contact me at the time,
I was very unwell in May and messages were dutifully relayed to me
via my faithful other half,
who did a wonderful job keeping our ship afloat 
at such a very stressful time 
(and I think he has also gained a new appreciation
of the craft of knitting along the way!)


During the last few weeks while recovering, 
I have had lots of enquiries about new pattern releases.
Although I am thankfully on the way to feeling fully well again
and have a little prototype sitting very shyly on my desk,
I have decided I will begin working on my knitting patterns again
after enjoying the Summer break with my family
(also our house will once more become a haven of tranquillity!)


On another note,
I am regularly asked if I have a sewing pattern for my
Vintage Lavender Hearts
 and I will be working on this over the coming weeks
and updating you on my progress!

Wishing you a lovely weekend
wherever you may be


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't been well. I do hope you are feeling much better and on the road to a full recovery. I think you are so smart to take all the time you need to spend with your family. The patterns can wait!

    Your little cupcakes look scrumptious and I'm happy for you to have rediscovered joy in baking.

  2. A good thing to take the time to recover. Health is the most important thing in life.
    In that time I can figure out how to order some of your patterns. I don't have paypal and no credit card. But there must be another way.
    The cupcakes are looking yummie. I also have the hummingbird book in Dutch and did make some of the recipes.
    Enjoy the summerbreak with your family.
    greetings Marja

  3. Dear Susan. I am so sorry to hear that you have been unwell. I hope you're feeling much better now. Love Leonora.

  4. Take care Susasn & enjoy your cupcakes they look delicious!!!!!! Marie x