Wednesday 14 April 2010

A little inspiration .....

.. Nautical Days...

It has been a rather nautical few days around here!
Our eldest daughter arrived back from Rome
after staying with friends for a few days
and I love this image taken by her relaxing in a rowing boat on a beautiful lake,
feet up and looking out on a world with endless possibilities.
It just says so much about her free spirit and
those wonderful, carefree days when only eighteen years of age!

When one of my favourite house magazines
Homes & Antiques
 arrived through the door at the beginning of the week
 there was a lovely article full of sea faring decorative items. 
Such bright and beautiful colours....

......which  made me  decide to revisit my sewing machine
(which  hasn't had much to do of late!)
and make a pair of my favourite nautical hearts
to brighten up the bathroom.

I intend to add a drawstring bag in this
fabric with a brightly coloured lining although that may have to wait
a short while .... I now have lots of inspiration  
for the colours in my new project.
I intend this to be a little oddment project which won't take long to make
and will hopefully make a pretty decorative item
or a perfect little gift for someone special.....

Etsy Shop Update
My ETSY shop will reopen on Moday 19th April

Take care

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  1. Hi Susan. Your new project sounds very interesting, I can't wait. Love Leonora.