Wednesday 17 February 2010

MJT Shoe & Boot Designs

Here are a few photographs of MJT shoe and boot designs which may be useful if you are in the middle of a project or are deciding on a pattern.
For other photographs from my patterns go to the Labels category in the right hand column and look for NOTES where you will find them under various headings.

PRIMROSE in stripy tights
and pretty, pink Mary Jane shoes

BLUEBELL in Stripy Socks and Mary Jane Shoes
( also showing her bloomers!)

This time using Patons Cotton 4 Ply.
The yarn is not used in the pattern but knitted up well
and I still like the addition of the lavender stripes.

DAISY's Dancing Slippers
The pompoms were made using cotton yarn
and she is wearing pretty lacy edged socks
(also more bloomers!)

BO's Leg Warmers and Snow Boots
The Sirdar Eco Wool worked really well for the boots
and they have twisted cord laces.

ANIKA's Stripy Tights and Sweetheart Snow Boots
Anika's boots make me think of log cabins
and painted wooden hearts!

OSCAR's Roll Top Boots
These are made with Rowan Classic Pima Cotton DK
They have a lovely smooth quality.



  1. Hello Susan
    I have just found your delightful blog and I am so glad I did.
    I bought your Bo pattern before Christmas from Etsy but have not had a chance to knit him yet. I love all your bunnies and hope to make the girls too in the future.
    Your photographs are excellent and I am sure they will be very helpful when I am knitting Bo.
    I am looking forward to seeing Candy and reading future posts.


  2. Thank you so much Debbie for your lovely comment,
    Susan x

  3. I am a long, long way from having the skills to make your toys but I am already a huge fan! Every time I visit I leave with a smile on my face!

    Your patterns are brilliant! And one day, I WILL be knitting some of them!

  4. hi Susan,
    the patterns are delightful and so easy to follow.I have just finished Buebell with some changes - did body in wool -mid brown and clothes in bamboo yarn, pink skirt with cream contrast,cream knickers,jumper cream with pink contrast and pink daisy. I thought I would do socks and shoes seperate in Bamboo(4 ply) Do you have pattern for 4ply or do I just need to add few more stitches?
    Looking forward to seeing Candy

  5. Hello Barbara,
    Firstly, Your Bluebell sounds lovely.Very pretty colours!I don't have an actual pattern for a separate 4 Ply sock with shoe although I have one in DK if you struggle with the improvising!
    Susan x