Friday, 26 February 2010

CANDY Knitting

Just a quick update on my latest project.
CANDY is almost finished although I will need to keep hold of her for a short time while I add the finishing touches to the pattern.
We have developed quite a bond over the last few weeks as she has sat quietly watching me work!
I am really looking forward to introducing her to you...

Wishing you a lovely weekend



barbara said...

hello susan
just love Candy so far - beautiful colour combination for clothes. Cant wait to see her finished.
I worked out 4ply socks quite easily by extending 4 ply M J shoes , and then decided to just do as boots like Daisy's as seperate socks as well as shoes seemed a little bulky.

Jeanne said...

Hi Susan,

Oh my goodness, Candy looks just about irresistible. I love the colors you have chosen and I am anxious to see her in full.

I wanted to tell you that I am really enjoying working up Primrose. I'm learning new things which is terrific, but it's also working up fairly quickly. I love that!

Thank you!

Mary Janes Tearoom said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments and to Barbara I'm pleased to hear that your improvising worked out. Well done!
Susan x

Caroline said...

this part of Candy looks good :-))
All the parts of Bluebell are almost finished. I enjoying to make BB. When she is dressed up i send you a picture. I use other colors.

buy for now, Caroline

Mary Janes Tearoom said...

Thank you so much Caroline and I look forward to seeing BB when she is finished!
Susan x

Lynn Catnes said...

I can't wait too see this design and I know Iwill purchase the pattern....keep up the beautiful is so inspiring! Lynn:)