Thursday, 23 February 2012

Spring dreams...
The sun is shining brightly here....I can hear the birds singing in the garden from where I'm working ...they are very vocal today and so I'm sure they must be having a particularly happy day...It's definitely one when my thoughts are drifting to the weeks that lie ahead. There's a real feeling that the seasons are changing here and I'm suddenly bursting with creative energy...That's such a good feeling....being a crafty I surely am!....I bought the pretty tulips above on a little shopping trip into town yesterday...couldn't resist them and they are sitting on the desk in my work room. I just love how happy they look...making my space so welcoming!
Soft and pretty...
I've been busy working on my latest project which is coming along now. Although, this is the slightly frustrating point where I seem to be working hard but don't have very much to show you...
That should change soon....well, let's hope so!
~ ♥ ~
I really don't think there are any colours that I don't like on the whole colour spectrum and I always love the challenge of combining them together to create something lovely. At the moment, I am drawn to pretty and calm, soft pastels....always a favourite with me. These yarns are beautifully soft too....and our postman arrived with yet more lovely yarn a short time ago...a parcel of beautiful angora goodness (Oh my, I really am having a good day!)....I have some plans for it at the end of this project...a bit of experimenting.
Always doodling...
The identity parade...they look so serious don't they?
I love to do my quick sketches when something suddenly appears in my mind. Jotting them down always helps me to put things together....In fact, it's something I have to do these days....part of the routine. I am (hopefully!) fulfilling some requests which have come up regularly over recent times.But, I can't say too much about that just yet people because I am very superstitious when it comes to my patterns, not something I am otherwise known for and not something I can explain!
~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~
Lovely colour inspiration...
The lovely colours sitting on my shelf..
Well, from my workroom, I shall leave you now lovelies, as I am going to work really hard so that I can have my planned weekend of cultivating our little patch, baking and staying up to watch the OSCARS...
I'm going to be so tired on Monday morning!
~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~
Hopefully, I have managed to remove the dreaded new verification box when you want to add a comment.
Would you let me know if it's still there?

Take care everyone
Thanks so much for calling by...I do so enjoy your visits 
and sharing my crafty days with you.....
P.S...Mr.H has just appeared through the door with the latest issue of  Mollie Makes...
Oh, he's a good one!.....No, things can't get any better today......
Time for a break and one of eldest daughter's cherry cakes with a nice cup of tea....
Speak soon...

Friday, 10 February 2012

Blog Anniversary Winners....

 The little stag and deer decorations from our Christmas cake....
♥ Our Blog Anniversary 
Oh my, it has certainly been cold in our little corner over the last few days....
 definitely a time for those lovely cosy handknits to come out...
several layers have been the order of the day here!
~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~
Thanks so much to everyone who has taken part in our draw and for the wonderful comments...
It has been lovely to have so many friends visit here over the last week......
The winning names have been picked using the
Random Number Generator
~ ♥ ~ 
The 1st Prize
and winner of Cath Kidston's lovely book

goes to
~♥ Helen ♥~
And our runners up are...
~♥ Debbie ♥ ~ 
Winner of the 
'Keep Calm and Carry On'
Tea Towel

~ ♥  Claire ♥ ~ 
Winner of the 
'Union Jack Teapot and Cups'
Tea Towel
Just click on the names 
for confirmation..
Congratulations Everyone!
I shall be in touch shortly or if you read this first you can
contact me
with the details of the address to which you would like to receive your prize

~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~
Other news....
I'm continuing to work through my evergrowing 'to do' list and managed to complete this little 
illustration for the blog at the weekend which was great fun ..
223 x 240
The link in the side bar
will mysteriously transport you to
~ ♥  The Little eBook Shop ♥ ~ 
I also have only half of the final row of curious cats to knit in my
 'Cats and Mice' blanket now
before I can cut open the steeks and then knit the border...Nearly there!
Although, not so sure I will actually enjoy knitting the border...
sooooo many stitches on my very long circular needle...hmm....

Well, I guess that's all from the tearoom  for today...
Take care and keep warm everyone!

~ ♥ ~
Until next time...

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

2nd Blog Anniversary Giveaway!

Ooh..I'm just loving these pretty colours!
~ And how are you today?~
It's very chilly here but at last the sun is shining 
and I'm thinking that our blog anniversary celebration is a little overdue....
Time is a strange thing isn't it?
It seems only a very short time ago that I first entered Blogland, 
having no understanding of this world at all (and sometimes I do even 
wonder how I actually arrived remains quite mysterious!)
On the other hand, when I read through some of my posts over the last two years they do seem a lifetime ago...
Yes, time is a funny old thing indeed!
~ ♥ ~
 The MJT 2nd Blog Anniversary 
First, before we launch our Celebration Giveaway....
I want to say a huge thank you to all the lovely friends who take the time 
to call by our little tearoom and offer such generous words of encouragement..
You make this such a lovely place to spend my time!
There will be 3 prizes included in this draw...
The first prize is a copy of Cath Kidston's
This is a great read with lots of lovely inspiring projects...
definitely on my 'to do' list is the
'Hounds Bag' which I just have to make at some point!
All the materials needed to complete either a cushion or bag project are also included with the book.
~ ♥ ~
The 2 runners up will receive one of the following designs from
(You may remember my post about them here)
Made to last using beautiful highest quality linen
All you have to do is...
add your name in the pop up comment box
(click on the number of comments below and the box will open)
As this is a 
Blog Anniversary Celebration 
the only condition is that you are a follower of the 
Mary Jane's TEAROOM Blog
(new followers will of course be welcome too!)
Prizes posted to wherever in the world you may be...
That's it people...easy!

~ ♥ ~
The winners will be announced on...
10th February 2012
and decided using the 
Random Number Generator
~ ♥ ~
Wishing you a great week ahead
and thank you so much for calling by!

Good Luck Everyone!